At DW Electronics, we have been selling professional measuring equipment as well as parts and components for scientific equipment for over 14 years. We also specialize in radio communication equipment and high-frequency components.

We sell all devices and components from our own warehouse, and thanks to our own measurement laboratory, the apparatus is thoroughly tested before being delivered to the user.

In addition to experience and professional, often hard-to-reach, reputable equipment, we offer a favorable price and a start-up guarantee for the equipment.

Selected offers will successively appear on the website, while the full list of our assortment is available on our Allegro DW_RADIO profile.

Feel free to check our profile:

"I have been a DW_RADIO customer for a long time. My shopping is not intense, but always successful. I've never had trouble or problems with a transaction. Considering the decline in the production of Polish electronics and the deepening technological backwardness in the field of electronics and radio technology, companies such as DW_RADIO give hope. Regards